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Part 1 of Soul's Little Lie is now in stores...

You can now purchase part 1 of Soul's Little Lie for your e-reader device. Today was the day that it came out. ^___^

You can buy the book at these stores: The price for part 1 is: $3.99

I'll post the full links to the book page itself later. It's late and time for bed for me.
Isle of Mythia

4 Days off and found a new mystic store...

I had four days off last week. I spent most of it working on art, cleaning house, and going to the beach with Dan and my friend Ann from next door. Nate didn't want to go because he had DnD to play with his group at the apartment and Ann didn't want to play game that day.

We collected shells and enjoyed the cold water by our feet. We did have bathing suits on of course. Ann found some really interesting snail shells that I hadn't seen before at any Washington beach. We traded a few between us and the ones I have are on my alter. While this was gong on, Dan took a nap on the beach next to a sea washed log. After that, we ate lunch at Iver's Seafood. We then headed home, but before getting home we stopped off at Baskin Robins. Dan finally, after seven years or so, had a waffle cone of double fudge chocolate ice cream. He enjoyed it very much, but when he got home his allergies acted up again from the ice cream and he didn't lay down for bed until his allergies calmed down. Poor Danny, he just can't seem to get away from that milk allergy. (I have it almost as bad, but I can handle it more than he can) Ann had Pralines and Creame flavor I think and I had Nutty Coconut flavor.

We then headed home and that was that.

As for cleaning house for those four days off, I tackled the bathroom. All that stupid moldy mildew on the ceiling is now gone.

I worked yesterday and I have today off. I went to see "Journey To the Center of the Earth" in 3D. That was fun, but afterwords it gave me a tiny headache. On my way home, I walked a different route then I usually would to get to Heweitt Ave. There I found on the corner of California St and Heweitt Ave a small cafe called,  The Gathering Grove - Spiitual Books, Coffee and Music.  It's like Moonflower Magicks was, but with pastries, coffee, and other drinks and foods. (Also, not as crowded as MM, but not as much mystic things 'yet'. They do have LOADS more books then MM) I looked through their books I may have found something interesting. As I looked through their store and ordered a slice of bananna bread, I just kept on smiling. I did grab their business cards and asked a few questions. They are looking for artists to hang original art on their walls as a consiment. I'll be fixing up my business cards again and set up a meeting with them soon.

Well, off to do some creativity and put away the laundry.

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Purple Rose

An okay 4th of July...

Making this a short post cause I have to get up early tomorrow for work.

I thought Dan was going to be working late yesterday. If he did I would have just stayed up during the fireworks all depressed. Turns out he came home early so we were able to see them together, but...the location for the show wasn't very well advertised. I didn't fully read the brochure and didn't go online to look. We weren't the only ones that didn't pay attention. Half of Everett thought it was at Memorial Park like it usually does and the cops weren't told where it would be held either. After a while, we headed down to the other park, I forget it's name, but it's a LONG walk. We walked it while the fireworks were going off. They had fired them off this time on land at the other park where there was a lot more room for food stands and other fun things. Once we got there the fireworks were over so we walked home. It was a long walk, but worth it. I was able to get a peach Italian Soda before one of the stands closed. ^___^

That's pretty much it.

Off to bed now. I hope Dan gets my note to drive me to work cause the buses don't run until I'm already clocked in.
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Isle of Mythia

Chores - Done


Cat box - clean
Trash - taken out
Laundry - done
Dishes - washed

Thursday and Friday off from work - nothing to do but watch TV and work on my art.

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Isle of Mythia

Emotional day at work....

Yesterday on my way to work, I took an early bus so I could hang out at the mall. I don't usually do this and I wished I didn't. The bus was starting to get full after a few stops picking up passengers.  One passenger sat next to me and guess who it was....a KNOWN level 3 sex offender / rapist / molester guy. He's the one I've mentioned in my LJ before about how he would walk into the QFC store and just stand there for an hour starring out into space watching people, especially female children and teenagers.  Well...I listened to my IPod the whole way, trying to keep myself as far away as I could from touching this freak. He smelled of old oil, and bad BO. He kept trying to talk to me in this odd voice and laughing all crazy like. For those who have never see this guy before, let me put it to you this way....he's dangerous and unstable even when he takes his medication which there is no gerantee that he takes his meds. He was heading to the mall just like I was and there was no telling what he was going to do there. *shivers*

My day at work was pretty okay, until....well let me give you the short version......I and Tracy were never told by Rais or Jamie that the 'quote' feature on the Frame Magic software is not to be used for any curcomstances. I wish I knew this a head of time. If I had the situation from yesterday and last week of how it started would never have happened. Now the customer is getting an even lower price for his full frame order because of this 'training issue". Today though, Rais will be getting a mouth full from Steve about this and the District Manager is coming in to evaluate the Frame Shop! We had to hall ass for a week to get the frame shop looking like what Corperate really wants. But, even then we don't have all the bins to put our tools in which may cause a mark or two.

I was so upset about how the customer acted that I was in tears talking to Steve of how it all started after the customer left. I told him that I'm tired of getting the shaft end of training in any job I've ever had. That I'm not a teenager anymore. That if they really want me to stay and I want to stay in the framing area quit a lot since I like it so much (better than any other job I've ever had and that's saying a lot), that they should TRAIN me the fullest of let me go. I know for a FACT that if they let me go, they'll put up a creek for sure come this holiday season. They won't have time to train a new person what so ever. I've learned this over time with each job I've had. Mangers may think I don't know how the store works, but I do.

This morning, I took the 7:30 bus to the mall because I had forgotten something that I left in the frame shop. I know good and well that the District manager would have seen it and marked us down. I couldn't have that happen. What I left behind was my art portfolio to show Tracy. After getting the book back, I helped Tracy move frame products to new; better locations to get them off the floor. We got that done under an hour. That totally saved her on time to get the real projects done. ^___^ It made me feel good to have helped her like that.

Currently right now, I'm drying the laundry and then I will be washing dishes before I leave for work at 3:30pm. I have Thursday and Friday off. I have no idea what I'll do for the 4th, but I'll call Tim and Helen to see what they're up to. Dan has to work that day, extra money for the pay check.

Oh, one more thing...I'm stop taking Ortho Evra Patch birth control. It's been causing a lot of side effects on me lately such as - depression, loss of sexual drive and attraction to my husband, clots in my right arm (when it feels heavy from using the BC, that's a clot in the arm's vains), and weight gain. So, we have plenty of condoms. If I get preganet so be it.

That's all for now.
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wavy ocean

Shell collection

Some of the shells I found at Mulkiteo Beach a few weekends ago with Dan. The two on the left side and two at the bottom are Mother of Pearl.

More shells, some from Mulkiteo Beach and some from my old collection. This time, the two  yellow scollope shells are from the Mulkiteo Beach collection from a few weekends ago.

A mix of old and new collection. I'll make a better photo tomorrow.

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Isle of Mythia

Finally got a cell phone...

Tomorrow is Tim and Helen's wedding at the Woodland Park Seattle Zoo Rose Garden. I'll be passing out little bubble bottles for everyone to blow bubbles at them once the priest announces them wed at Mr. and Mrs. Knowlton.

Today though, while at the mall get my strapless bra for my dress I'll be wearing at the wedding, Dan took today off as vacation. I got home around 4pm and found Dan gone. Turns out he went to the mall to get us two AT&T cell phones. Yes, I have a cell phone for the first time. It will only be used to call Dan if I'm stranded somewhere, lost, or being attacked by some freak. And it's to call 911 in case of attack.

That's really about it.

I'll post pictures of the wedding soon.
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Isle of Mythia

Future art project....canvas 6'ft x 3'ft ^____^

This afternoon today, we drove to Michael's for my check stub and a wonderful surprise.

Work is still going through cleaning and reoriginizing the Frame Shop. Some of the old supplies were to be thrown out, and one of them was wooden stretcher bars for canvas fabric. Three long pieces ten feet long and a smaller piece about four feet long. Thankfully they were able to fit inside the VW Beetle through the sun/moon roof. I had to hold onto them so they wouldn't fly away in the wind from what part was sticking out through the moon roof. We bought all of those stretcher bars for $1.03. ^___^

I measured out four pieces to make a full canvas frame - 6' tall x 3' wide. The rest I'll do for another future project. At least now I have the canvas frame and I can draw out the project I want to get started. That stretcher bar wood would have cost me $200 and then have it stretch over with canvas by a seperate company would have been $300 and then shipping it....I don't want to know the cost. This has saved me a lot of money in the future. ^___^

It's good to work at Michael's.
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wavy ocean

Adventure with husband part 2....

To continue our adventure yesterday....First, I forgot to mention that Dan gave me breakfast in bed. Fruit bowl, green tea, cinnimon/raisin bagal, and scrambled eggs. ^__^

That afternoon, I convinced him to take the two of us to the beach in Mulkiteo. We walked the beach for a good while. I found a few shells (I'll show pictures later). Two yellow scollop shells, four pieces of Mother of Pearl ^___^, and an interesting sea washed smooth shell. I think I picked that beach clean  until the next high tide. ^____^

We then had lunch at Iver's Sea Food. Took our lunch to Forest Park back in Everett and ate it there. While eating, a little girl was learning how to through a softball with her dad. She has missed the throw completely and it hit me in the bottom lower of my back. She appoligized of course. After that, we walked through the wood trails trying to find a place to make out. It was nice making out with my husband like we were just dating. It was great, until I twisted my ankle. So, we headed home. I took a hot bath to sooth my ankle and sore legs. Walking the beach in sandals in sand and rocks, than walking a wooded trail with rocks, fallen branches, and steep inclines, gave me one hell of a work out on my legs. They are still very sore from yesterday.

All in all, my day yesterday was full of adventure, hard work, and passion with my husband. I loved every minute of it. And I'd do it again if I could. ^___^
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